About Banah

Banah is considered one of the best educational companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We excel at keeping close ties with English languages centers, colleges and universities which are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, at all stages of scholastic language, Bachelor, Master and PhD. Our headquarters is located in Riyadh and we are willing to open new branches in the UAE and UK. Banah is managed by a professional team of officially qualified individuals with long term experience in management and law. Banah is working to provide all the tools and educational supplies needed for people to study abroad.

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Banah focuses all its efforts on identifying your true needs when you feel the desire to travel and study abroad, whether your purpose is to learn a new language, to consolidate language skills, or to complete studies in the field of your choice. In order to provide you with the most suitable choice, we dedicate ourselves to investigate the education market, which gives us an evident objective and a clear vision of what different countries and institutions have to offer you.

Our vast experience in the education field on an international level is strengthened by our well-established partnerships with educational institutions world-wide..